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Get your "Somm" vergiage right by understanding the aromas that characterize the wines you enjoy and try.


If you are into learning more about wines and finding out the aromas that best suit your palates, you've got to have these charts! They will be tremendously helpful when ordering wine from your favorite Somm and/or store.


The backside of the chart identifies common impact aromas. These aromas reveal the compounds that identifiy specific grape varieties. These are great concepts to master as you begin to use the deductive tasting process used by Somms when doing blind tastings.


Made and printed in the USA on 110 lb cover stock paper with gloss UV coating.
Made in the USA.

Wine Aromas Chart (Single) by Wine Folly

  • Call for shipping, additional costs apply. Only shipping wines to Alaska, Oregon, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, North Dakota, Louisiana, West Virgina, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida, Cinnecticut and District of Columbia.

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