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Connecting, Learning and Sharing Together

"The point isn't to become a wine snob. It's to appreciate and find joy in the magic that is fermented grape juice".      Aldo Sohm author of "Wine Simple"

What is Vine Society all about?

Vine Society is first and foremost a wine community. We are a group of people that actually get together (in person or virtual) to enjoy wine experiences. If you love wine, Vine Society provides a unique platform so you can take your love for wine to the next level. Like every relationship, it needs to develop in order to flourish.


Most wine enthusiasts would acknowledge that a deep understanding of the wine world is generally intimidating, confusing, complex and constantly evolving. They would love to become more knowledgeable and confident when buying or speaking about wines, but where do they start? Vine Society provides a unique platform to both connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike to connect, learn and share in an intimate community setting. Connoisseurs discover new wines and continue to develop their expertise through our Master Sommelier and Certified Wine Specialist led programs while becoming coaches and mentors to the wine novices. Together, every member expands their knowledge and passion for wine.


Who is Vine Society for?

Vine Society is for everyone who loves wine! Connoisseurs will connect and network with other connoisseurs as well as mentor and coach novice members of the community. For these advanced wine lovers, Vine Society events are an opportunity to learn and build relationships with like-minded members, master sommeliers and certified wine specialists.  


For the novice wine lover, Vine Society is like attending a social wine college, where they can acquire knowledge and confidence about wine in an approachable, intimate, and community-based setting. 

Vine Society will introduce you to a network of friends who share your enthusiasm for that special bottle of wine tucked away to enjoy with those that truly understand its mystique.


All Vine Society programs are led by a Master Sommelier and / or Resident Sommelier so that every member can benefit from remarkable experts who are passionate about educating and sharing their craft.

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