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Over the years, Freese and Breakneck Creek have often been discussed comparatively.  Fascination has built the framework of these conversations due to their close proximity to one another yet contrasting styles in the glass.  If we consider Breakneck to be akin to the seashore of Maine with its salty coastal air and cool, fresh breezes, and Freese to evoke the warm, sun-drenched shorelines of the Gulf of Mexico, we can paint a better picture of the differences between these two wines and their respective sites.

The gentle slopes of Freese Vineyard put forth a more relaxed and less extreme ascent than Breakneck.  Freese respects and endures the cool-climate it calls home, while yearning for sandy beaches and tropical growth.  It works at an unhurried pace, allowing indulgence and complete satisfaction in its ripe, exotic fruits.

Forge Cellars Freese Vineyard Riesling (2019)

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