Holy Cow! I really can't believe we actually pulled this off! Now seriously, this is a very serious Prosecco. Not sweet, as dry as Proseco can be, elegant, expressive, complex...absolutely delicious. Not your supermarket variety, this is what real prosecco is supposed to be like.


Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Brut Nature is the most representative sparkling wine by Silvano Follador, produced in small quantities according to the Charmat Method without sugar dosage. It has a clean, taut and fresh character, with perfumes of white flowers and a dry lively taste. 


Tasting Notes: There is melon and green apple, and it is crisp and floral on the palate. A long finish and a subtle mousse make this delicious wine a sure bet for your next celebration. This wine is a phenomenal choice as an alternative to upscale Champagne.


More on Silvano Follador Winery: Upon their grandfather’s death in 1999, siblings Silvano and Alberta Follador took over his 2 hectares of Prosecco vines in Valdobbiadene. Later inheriting another 2 hectares, they produced wine for a few years with the help of a consultant who greatly influenced the expression of their wines. While free from defects, the wines lacked character, were dominated by fermentation aromas, and had undergone standardizing oenological practices. Urged by a desire to have an intimate relationship with their wines, they stopped working with consultants and began a transition to organic and biodynamic farming practices. Respecting the physiology of the plant and the fertility of microbial life in the soil has enabled them to produce a more flavorful grape that reflects the terroir and shows in a genuine, full-bodied wine.


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Silvano Follador Prosecco Brut Nature 2018 [Valdobbiadene, Italy]

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