Nani Rizzi, a Family-run Azienda Agricola in Valdobbiadene, has been cultivating and producing high quality Prosecco since 1887, using grapes from the hills of Guia (Valdobbiadene) and directly carrying out the winemaking process.

Heir to a great and long tradition of wine-growing and producing, Denis Spagnol continues the work which had been started by his grandfather Giovanni, known as “Nani Rizzi”, and then continued by his father Ergi. The secret of Nani Rizzi’s success is the unchanging passion for the vineyards and the surrounding territory where it is located.


This Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene Brut has a wonderful taste experience that manifests itself in a fruity allusion of ripe apple and yellow peach. In addition, you will experience a slight pleasant floral scent of acacia flowers and rose petals. This Prosecco is very suitable as an aperitif and is also delicious with appetizers and fish.

It all begins with the precious wine grapes called “Glera”, grown on the renowned and picturesque Valdobbiadene hills: thanks to the union between traditional techniques and technological innovation, the grapes are transformed into excellent and high quality products.


This Prosecco is produced according to the Charmat method whereby a second fermentation does not take place in the bottle, but in the stainless steel barrel. Yeast and sugar are added to the tank, creating carbon dioxide. Because this carbon dioxide cannot escape, it dissolves in the wine. Liqueur d'expédition is added for bottling, a mixture of cane sugar, white wine and possibly esprit de cognac. When the second fermentation is finished, the sparkling wine is bottled under pressure. There is no contact with the outside air at any time.


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Nanni Rizzi Prosecco Superiore [Valdobbiadene DOCG]

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