We recently hosted a wine tasting and Verdejo ended up being the surprise wine of the evening. We set out to find the very best Verdejo, and we are glad to say we found it, at the very heart of its history! 


Year after year, in spite of the vagaries of each vintage, Angel Rodriquez and his children have fashioned the quintessential Verdejo from organically grown grapes. Nonetheless, Angel’s 2017 Martinsancho may fittingly be his finest to date, surpassing even the 2016 Martinsancho, which was nothing short of outstanding. The 2017 Martinsancho is full of energy and shines in the glass with a bright sunny color. Martinsancho’s great minerality, laser-like precision and purity emanate from every draught. Pungent aromas of citrus and lemon zest, spring flowers and liquid stones seduce the nose and prepare the palate.


As we have come to expect from the superlative Martinsancho Verdejo, the 2017 Martinsancho first graces the mouth with light but sensual fruit and floral tones. Underpinned with a crisp, racy, herb-tinged minerality and perfectly balanced natural acidity, the 2017 Martinsancho enlivens the senses and finishes with subtle yet complex flavors and a vibrant energy that refreshes the mouth. In fact, nothing detracts from the purity and freshness of this wine, which is undoubtedly one of the reasons that noted wine critic Robert Parker Jr. once made this comment about Martinsancho: “This is the best dry white table wine I have tasted from Spain.”


We are pleased that Angel Rodriguez’s swan song, the 2017 Martinsancho, continues to deliver the best that Rueda has to offer and that Angel’s legacy and life changing work live on. Enjoy the outstanding 2017 Martinsancho moderately chilled and often (40º-45º F).


This is one of Spain's true artisanal gems. The original majuelo (plot) of Martínsancho is less than an acre of gnarled, ancient Verdejo vines that were planted in the 17th century. These vines are preserved, in isolation, kind of like a museum of pre-phylloxera viticulture. In 1976, Angel Rodríguez planted out 25 acres of his best gravelly soils using cuttings from the original Martínsancho vines. Today the wine is blended from both vineyard sources. A racy, textural and engaging white wine that is seriously underappreciated and underpriced. Low-yield "Verdejo" (less than 4,000 cases a year) offers nice viscosity and a long finish while retaining a delicate floral nose.


This winemaker is why "Verdejo" not only exists, but thrives as a wonderfully fresh delightful white wine.

Martinsancho Verdejo 2017 [Rueda, Spain]