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THE VINTAGE “With above average winter precipitation, April came on with great promise, but a mid-month cold spell and unprecedented freeze impacted some primary buds. Spring and early summer continued to be quite cool into early June. The summer season came on strong, hot and dry, with temperatures running almost 6 degrees above normal August through October. Here the benefit of winter rains prevailed, allowing the canopy to stay green well into the fall. Warm, dry conditions in October gave us latitude to ripen all the fruit that had a late start. Yields across all vineyards, initially projected to be 30% below normal, ended up in the normal range. Early indications point to lovely, classic pinot noirs that show high-toned aromatics and rich, concentrated flavors.” — Executive Winemaker, Don Lange

AROMAS raspberry, underbrush, red-bush tea, baking spice
FLAVORS boysenberry, black cherry, cran berry, cedar
BODY round with plush tannins and
harmonious structure
FINISH mineral tones, baking spice, dried orange peel

Lange Classique Pinot Noir (2022)

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