This a unique Proseccoo in that it is a Col Fondo style. It’s fresh, dry, and lively, rich with notes of fruit. It’s a Prosecco dei Colli Asolani, re-fermented in bottle and unfiltered. This Prosecco “Colfondo” was inspired by a desire to bottle the character of the land, in the most natural way possible, using only natural yeasts.The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, without filtration. The unique thing about this wine is that you can drink it clear or you can drink it cloudy by turning the bottle upside down. The fact that they never remove the lees gives is a little brioche-y characteristic as well as some beautiful bright acid. If you are a wine geek or just love to try new things, this one is just for you!


Tasting Notes: 


In the glass: straw yellow with fine, persistent bubbles.

On the nose: this wine changes from one moment to the next; from the classic fresh fruit notes and “bread crust” that you find in Prosecco as soon as fermentation is complete, more complex notes emerge the longer the wine is in the glass thanks to the presence of the lees.

On the palate: As on the nose, delicate notes of fruit evolve as elegant hints of yeast emerge.


More Info 

Bele Casel Col Fóndo Prosecco 2017

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